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This was a fun video find. Enjoy it as a light moment for a bunny rabbit assist in getting over the midweek hump day. I had no idea that a rabbit might carry a stuffed toy around like a puppy would. So cute! It shows me once again that each rabbit has different personalities, likes and dislikes. Because of that, each new rabbit can be full of surprises and seeing and finding out new and unexpected things from each of them. It is really fun to get to know and see different bunnies and what they will think to do!

Just in case the video isn’t working properly here, a link to it on YouTube: Best Friends Video

4 thoughts on “Fun Video Share

    • I love when I have time to spend looking at the suggested links they provide on You Tube to other rabbit videos. Thanks for sharing the link to that jumping competition. I love seeing those, but just can’t picture how they get the rabbits to do that on command. It doesn’t seem like we have had the right type of rabbit personalities for that. I just added that video to our Pinterest board of rabbit videos.

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