Invitation to International Rabbit Day

Invitation to International Rabbit Day

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Okay, so yesterday I said today I would have a bit of a surprise.  Surprise, I goofed when I created this yesterday and it was released on Etsy from the wrong user account instead of Rabbittude as I had intended. Then I almost forgot to post it today. So, doubly embarrassed rabbit here. While I was getting this post ready, I was surprised when a leader on the Etsy Rabbits team pointed out that Etsy has the day listed on their dates to remember for September as being, Sunday the 25th.

So isn’t that just the way with event planning. Two coordinators check dates with different people or sources and the next thing you know, you have people being notified about two different dates. For Etsy we will make it the International Rabbits Day WEEKEND, September 24 – 25th.

Whoo Hoo!   We will get ready for a two-day party of rabbits bouncing around and into view as much as possible as we treasure the days by creating lots of treasuries to promote the now over 100 shops of the Etsy Rabbits team members.

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