Oops … Wish I Could Blame the Bunny

Tweets went nuts this summerWell this is one I wish I could say Leo hopped up on the keyboard and did some magic with his bunny paws and caused all the havoc. However, this one is all on me and not being attentive enough over the summer and missing what Pinterest and Twitter were getting up to together.

So many apps come our way each day, supposedly to make our lives easier, more streamlined. So do you know what your apps are doing while you aren’t watching?

When a connection is established between Pinterest and Twitter, it is supposed to provide a check box and then send a pin to Twitter if I check the box. I rarely used that, because I don’t want to spam with lots of things they can easily be seen by visiting our Pinterest account. Somewhere early in the summer, the hook up between our Rabbittude Pinterest account and Twitter decided to have a tweet fest without me.

Blaine was dealing with injuring his knee a couple of times in a short period. In between doctors visits and rearranging our tasks and schedules, I had no idea what was going on between Pinterest and Twitter. I got on Pinterest a few times to pin lovely things and cute bunnies as a stress reliever and had no idea how many of those pins Pinterest was shooting straight to Twitter. Thankfully not every pin was sent, but I have no idea how Pinterest and Twitter were deciding which ones should go without my permission really, since I had not been checking the check box at all.

So I have caught back up with Twitter over this past week and oh what a mess I found there. This is really going to teach me that I need to look at what the previous person has said on those pins and be sure to change many of them. Lets just say, a lot of those tweets made me feel like an idiot. Some weren’t even in English. I spent several hours this weekend cleaning up the worst of the mess.

I humbly apologize to Twitter followers for the crazy tweets over the past couple months. So now the Pinterest and Twitter accounts are no longer allowed to hook up together. I’m not at all sure I can trust them. Especially since Pinterest support indicated the connection is not created or supported by them. They said they cannot offer any help when something goes wrong. For anyone else using the Pinterest to Twitter connection, I suggest following behind on a really regular time-table to be certain something has not gone awry. Lots of lessons learned here.

Tomorrow, back to bunny stuff …

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