Princess Lady Bunny

Little Lady bunny Tigger with paws just so.Tigger had a way of positioning herself that was just so very proper that we called her the little lady bunny.  She would always have her little paws lined up side by side completely even and balanced.  It always reminded me of old movies or TV shows with the ladies in hats and gloves who would have both hands side by side holding their purses so very properly.

We called her Princess because she decidedly had a sense of what was due to HRH Princess Tigger bunny rabbit.  When she would enter a room, she would pause and thump.  It became the Tigger has entered the room announcement, pay attention.  She also thumped when she was mad.  If you offended the royal rabbit by picking her up and messing with her for medicine or clean ups or feedings, as soon as you put her back down there was a thump or two or more of outrage depending on how big she deemed the offense. If she became really frightened, she would run into the sheet tunnel we had for the rabbits or under the guest bed and would become a serial thumper.  After she calmed down, she would have that over the shoulder little nose in the air, pouty look.  Or sometimes she would hop away while flicking the back feet showing herself to be offended.

Now Tigger was very catlike in being quite independent, but when Princess Tigger wanted attention, you were supposed to be ready, willing and able to pay her the attention she deemed fitting.  I made the mistake once of sitting on the floor while talking on the phone and forgetting all about her.  That is until she snuck up behind me and gave me a pinching nip on my behind and took off running away.  I had been warned I was behaving offensively.  I squealed into the phone as she nipped me and had to apologize and explain.  Then I stood up to finish the call and went to attempt to soothe Princess Tigger’s outraged feelings of being ignored.

Her sneak up and nip wasn’t limited to my one phone experience.  If she didn’t feel Shadow was paying her enough of the right attention, she would sneak up behind him and give him a nip and take off running.  It was a good thing she was quite a bit faster than he was.  They would run and tire themselves out and then forget why they had been running and go back to being as they were again.

HRH Princess Tigger just absolutely delighted in going right into the middle of the room in front of the fireplace to eat her soft serve cecal snack or give herself a head to toe bunny bath. Why wouldn’t everyone want to watch her every bunny move?  Ah, well, she knew she was cute and she knew she was special.  She worked it for all a bunny could to get the attention she wanted when she wanted it.  It wasn’t at all hard to mentally picture a sparkly tiara on that little bunny head.

Tomorrow boarding a Tigger & spay time …

2 thoughts on “Princess Lady Bunny

  1. First, I want to let you know that Moshi passed away on Thursday of last week (thus my absence from leaving comments on your fabulous stories). He always had an episode of GI stasis a year, this year he had two, and the second one took his life. The most heartbreaking thing is that he took sudden turn for the worse in the middle of the night and I couldn’t find a vet that would help me. Bunnies are such delicate creatures. My boyfriend and I miss him dearly but he is alive in a different–and I’d like to think–more perfect form. His pictures, videos, and prints of destruction (oh my word!) are everywhere. He was exactly a month short from turning 5 from the day I brought him home.

    This post reminded me of a recent habit Jamili had gotten into. While Moshi was the alpha bun, and had become a nipper for attention, Jamili had apparently decided she was no longer going to let Moshi be a push over. Jamili would ask for grooming and Moshi would push back, and Jamili would end up being the groomer. That was the usual scenario. Every now and then we would catch Moshi grooming Jamili, and it was as if Jamili was a popsicle melting under Moshi’s licks: stretching and stretching and until she was completely flat on the ground. Anyway, on three occasions we noted the same scenario take. place: Jamili wanted to be groomed and Moshi pushed back. What happened next was hysterical. Jamili dug the heck out of Moshi’s butt! *dig dig dig dig PET ME!* The look on Moshi’s face was priceless.

    • Oh, I am so sorry to hear about Moshi. We haven’t been checking all comments as closely as usual, as we are replacing flooring here. The GI stasis is so hard to deal with and I completely understand the difficulty at times of finding a vet when a rabbit is really in need. The rabbit personality can be so strong, but their systems are so delicately balanced. I can imagine how much you are missing him right now, but those photos, videos and even the destruction bring stories and memories to treasure.

      You are describing what Shadow started doing the last couple years with Tigger. He would start pawing and digging at her too and yes, the look on the Princess face to be mauled like that!

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