Rabbittude Buntique Featured on Zibbet

Rabbittude Buntique Featured Seller on ZibbetThis week our Rabbittude Buntique shop is the featured shop on the Zibbet blog. It is a real honor for us. It is wonderful to have been warmly welcomed into the community on Zibbet.

We look forward to having a good future growing along with Zibbet. We regard our expansion to Zibbet as a an extension of our commitment to continue to support handmade and small indie businesses. We feel that helping the support and growth of a venue committed to micro businesses is an important step in helping those individual businesses to continue in the future to have choices of places to sell that are a good fit and profitable.

Link to our interview: http://www.zibbet.com/blog/2013.10.28/featured-zibbeter-rabbittudebuntique

2 thoughts on “Rabbittude Buntique Featured on Zibbet

  1. Congrats! Great interview. I got so frustrated with the quality of my images that I left Zibbet. Someone suggested trying PNG instead JPG. I tried that and it didn’t help. I also tried using smaller files so they wouldn’t have to be resized. No dice. Yours look great. What is your secret?

    • Thank you! Not sure I have a special secret with the images. The only thing I am doing differently is that I did see someone who has been there for awhile say that they were sizing their images to 600 x 600 pixels and that size worked the best for them for having their images look the best everywhere they were seen. I am happier now with how things look sizing to those dimensions.

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