Leo Linus

Ah a bunny and his blankie. Leo has now become Leo Linus the Lionhead bunny. Like the character Linus in the comic strip Peanuts, when Leo heads for the comfort of his pen, he takes his blankie with him all around the pen. With Tigger and Shadow, it was hard to give them things made of fabrics, because Shadow tried to consume everything he could sink his teeth into. With them for the sake of Shadow’s digestive health, we had to stick with lots of things made of straw or jute that would be digestible.

When we first saw Leo at the shelter, they had him in a pen that was about 4 feet square with his necessaries: food, water, litter box. The only extras were a cardboard box to hide in and a piece of sweatshirt fabric to play with or also hide under.When we brought him home a year ago, we sought to recreate as much of the environment he was used to as we could.

We created a 6 x 4 foot pen for him with wire cube sets and cable ties and installed his food, water and a corner litter box. We got him some willow accessories and toys that the other buns had liked. We didn’t have an old sweatshirt to sacrifice for him. So we headed off to the fabric store to see what we could find. The sweatshirt fabric piece that the shelter had for him was the type without the fuzzy back, just a smooth weave. That was good because he wouldn’t have consumed lots of fuzz from it if he chewed it. The fabric store only had the fuzzy back type of sweatshirt material, so we started looking at other things. They had blanket fleece on sale and had the really cute paw print pattern you see in the gallery images. We bought a yard and then I cut that down into four pieces, so Leo has four blankies.

As you can see the blankie is a huge hit with Leo. He pulls it all around his pen, snuggling with it, playing with it and using it for warmth too. The last image with him in the tunnel he has actually pulled the blanket up to cover the back part of himself that is extending beyond the tunnel. Everyone once in a while, I have to rescue the blankie from his water bowl when an edge of it falls in and starts to soak up all his water. With four blankies, he always has one that will be clean and dry should he mess up his current one.

Enjoy the gallery and your weekend! More to come next week …