Simplify Your Life Week – Bungees & Alligators

Alligator and bungee cordsI can imagine the visual this title created. I am talking bungee cords for bunnies, but to keep things organized, not for bunny jumping stunts. I am also talking about bunnyproofing uses for the alligator clip elastic straps that are used to keep sheets in place on beds.

This has been a crazy day, so I haven’t had a chance to get photos of these in action.  I will post a couple of images tomorrow.  I first saw these baby bungee cords in action at our first vets office.  These are just 3″ and 6″ in length and they were using them to hook around water bottles and hold them to the cages.  I never realized that the home improvement store carried ones so small!

Most water bottles come with a metal hook to hold them to the cages, but I liked the idea of these bungee cords the minute I saw them.  My family’s first bunny, Thumper, while in his cage would bounce his water bottle up and down until he unhooked the metal hook and his bottle would then fall off the cage.  Fortunately for Thumper, someone was usually at home, otherwise he would have gone thirsty.  So I loved the fact that the bungees would be something the bunnies could not disable while in their cages.

The larger bungee / the elastic sheet alligator clips work well to hold plastic hay bins onto the cages.  The little clip-on plastic pieces built onto those have never work right for us.  The hay bins would constantly be falling off without these bungees / sheet clips.  We have also used the sheet clips to hold some rugs in place on outdoor plastic furniture we had giving the bunnies a slip proof surface to hop up on.

So anything you need to hold in place for the bunnies, these can help you out.  They also serve as a chew toy for the bunnies from time to time.  Occasionally one gets chewed through.  It hasn’t happened too often though. I am assuming they got a bit of elastic snap that discouraged that particular chewing activity.