Bunnies in the Berry Patch

Bunnies in the Berry Patch Necklace and Earring SetMostly when I have created jewelry and beaded accessories, I have created small things. Between all the hats of full-time and part-time work and caring for home and rabbits, small amounts of time to create things was what was available. I created this statement necklace and earring set last week. The design has been in my mind for a year now. Most of the materials for it have been here that long too. It was missing two things to make it a reality, time to really work on putting it together was a big factor. The final thing though was ordering some rings and a toggle clasp this fall that had a twist design. That was the last element needed to add to this design all the color and texture that I wanted it to have.

Even though we love having house rabbits, we also love our outdoor rabbits who hop all around our yard. They even come right up under our bay window bringing their babies with them to eat the tasty things amongst the grass. We have some wild strawberries that have grown threaded in through the grass by the back of the house.

Creating these pieces was a labor of love and exploration.  I wanted to spend more time creating a really wonderful rabbit statement necklace and earrings set. It makes me think of those outdoor rabbits finding and hopping into a winter berry patch loaded with goodies.  I wanted to share pictures of these here, because I love how beautifully the necklace and earrings came out.  I have wanted for some time to create a lovely rabbit statement piece or set.  I am always imagining rabbits getting in to all sorts of things and places.  I have a number of rabbit jewelry pieces I wear.  I love the idea of secretly sneaking rabbits in to places by carrying or wearing them with me as I travel around.

These two pieces contain materials I love working with: Sterling Silver, Swarovski Crystal beads and Czech glass beads. They also have the themes I love of rabbits, nature, flowers and leaves and rich colors. I loved how the garnet reds, olive greens, golden topaz and silver look together.

The sun is out here in Georgia on this day in the United States dedicated to giving thanks. I am thankful for wonderful things in my life. I have my loving supportive husband Blaine. We will be celebrating our 22nd anniversary this weekend. There was a wonderful decade of fun with our two rabbits Tigger and Shadow and just so many memories of them to treasure always. There is a new time now to get to know our sweet Leo the Lionhead rabbit and find out all his stories and be able to share those with others. I am thankful to have gifts to be able to share in helping others with bunny stories, web design and hosting and creative gifts with art and jeweled items.

I am my grandmother’s granddaughter. Mom says every picture of her mother she saw, grandmother was always the one wearing that extra little noticeable thing like another bow or piece of jewelry more than her sisters. I think grandmother and I both loved giving things including ourselves those extra special finishing touches, that cherry on the top feeling.

Have a lovely day today wherever in the world you are.  Give your loved ones hugs and pet those bunnies too to let them know they are appreciated and loved.

~ Rebecca Pullin