Story Behind the Dust Bunnies

Save the dust bunniesThe thought for the dust bunny art began a decade ago and was inspired by Tigger, Shadow and Portia. All of them were properly fixed so that there were no worries about them reproducing and creating any baby rabbits. But I realized after a time, they had found another means of creating bunnies.

Rabbit shedding season is amazing for the volume of dust bunnies that begin to appear. Tigger almost seemed to delight in crawling underneath things and coming back out with dust bunnies clinging to her whiskers and fur.  It was almost a message that she was seeking out or wanting to protect these little bunnies of hers, because it was hard then to catch her to relieve her of the dust bunnies.  Then Portia joined us and as a Chinchilla rabbit, her dust bunny creation ability was awesome. Little poofs of furry dust bunnies would float around in the air when she would shed.

As I would sweep the dust bunnies away, the dust bunny creators would seek to interfere in my gathering up their little dust bunny babies. I started to envision all the little dust bunnies rising up in protest against me. I pictured myself tied up someday in a fuzzy version of Gulliver’s Travels. Over time, I had seen many  protests about saving various things.  The one protest that finalized the thought for saving dust bunnies was seeing a button that said Save the Chocolate Moose. That tickled my funny bone and made me think of the dust bunnies picking up signs and beginning a protest march against the clean and organized movement that was threatening their existence.

I started the Dust Bunny art with one little bunny protesting. Then that dust bunny was joined by another and another and then finally, they just all had to get together in an all out dust Bunny rally. If you would like to check out the dust bunny art …

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