Get Off My Tail!

Get Off My Tail Bumper Sticker

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Get Off My Tail Bumper Sticker

Decorating our bunny supply cabinet

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Blaine had an idea for a design: a line of hopping away hares called Receding Hare Line.
I created a couple of versions of artwork. Later while looking at the bumper sticker options available in our CafePress store, I realized a single line of the receding hares would work as a bumper sticker.

Get Off My Tail ! came quite quickly to mind for the wording. I really hate the tailgating traffic here in Atlanta that leads to quite a few accidents. Blaine and I have both been rear ended by drivers not paying attention.

It also occurred to me that this could be really great on lockers or cubicle walls. You can send a message you are stressed out by too much supervision. We have this on a file cabinet where we store a lot of bunny supplies. The message would be for our rabbits if they could read, since they dance around us like crazy when we go into the cabinet to get something for them.

This is currently our top-selling item in our CafePress shop. It is available as a single bumper sticker or in multi packs. So there are a couple of levels of discounted pricing available if you would like to purchase for a group or for resale.