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Click the image to see all the International Rabbit Day Treasuries by team members

Team members of the Etsy Rabbits team have been working to let everyone on Etsy know about International Rabbit Day.  Since celebrations of the day have been listed for either the fourth Saturday / Sunday of September, the team has chosen to make the most of the different dates and we will celebrate on both the 24th and 25th, making it a rabbit day weekend.

Throughout the month of September and especially this coming weekend, team members have been creating wonderful treasuries. These feature the work of team members and many other Etsy shops.  They have been finding some fabulous handcrafted bunny rabbits and lovely vintage items too!

Check out the Etsy Rabbits team blog to see mini shots of the treasuries. You can click on those treasury minis to go to the full treasuries and view items of interest.  It is a wonderful time to shop and buy gifts for rabbit lovers, splurge on yourself, or even get something for your rabbit.  Many team members currently have house rabbits, some are involved in rabbit rescue work and designate a portion or all of sales to be donated to rescue groups.  There are shops that have items for rabbits and other pets too.

The blog will be updated with new treasuries as they are posted throughout the weekend, so check back for new finds!  If you like a treasury, you can favorite it or Tweet it or like it on Facebook to share with others.  Leaving comments, clicking on items in treasuries, and favoriting them can increase the visibility for them.  We would love to really up the visibility of rabbits this weekend by having them be really very visible on a huge website like Etsy that has millions of viewers worldwide. 

Getting ready to bunny hop big time!

A Treasury – Dark with Rabbits …

Dark with Rabbits Etsy treasury
Click on image above to view the full treasury and the twist …

I created a treasury of dark and wonderful items on Etsy with a rabbit twist. Click on the image above to view the full treasury and read what is behind Dark with Rabbits.  You will find the answer in my Curator’s description just below the pictures.

Most spooky tales have cautionary elements to them.  So, this isn’t based on personal experience.

Rounding Up Rabbits

Rounding Up Rabbits Etsy Treasury
Click on the image above to go to treasury and view items

This is the final treasury that where all items are from Etsy Rabbit team member shops to highlight all the variety on the team.  Tomorrow I will share an invitation treasury and a story.  Party planning almost always has an oops and this one does too …

A Treasury of Buns in the Grass and Everywhere Else!

Buns in the Grass Etsy Treasury
Click on image above to go to treasury to view item details

Today a cute and colorful treasury of mostly bunny rabbit items created by members of the Etsy Rabbits team.  The variety in exploring the shops is bunderful!  Tomorrow I will have my last treasury rounding out the Etsy Rabbits team members who were members at the start of September and don’t have their shops on vacation.  I plan a few more bunny rabbit themed treasuries up through International Rabbit Day that will include team members but will also widen out to even more of the bunny rabbit items available from all shops on Etsy.

A Treasury – Falling For Rabbits

Etsy Treasury Falling for Rabbits

Click image above to go to treasury to view items

Here is my second of six planned treasuries this week. I am going to be a one person bunny blitz for visually getting the word out to the members of the Etsy Rabbits team and Etsy about International Rabbit Day being September 24th.  The six treasuries I have created for this week will showcase one item each from 96 of the 97 active shops of Etsy Rabbits team members.  The only shop I won’t be putting into a treasury is Rabbittude, since treasury promotion isn’t intended to showcase yourself. 

I hope to spur bunny rabbits to really start hopping in to Etsy treasuries in force this month!

Treasury Thursday – Gathered Together for September

Etsy Treasury - Gathered Together for September
Click on image above to go to treasury and view items

This treasury includes colors and themes from the September trends report put out by Etsy.  Of course I had to lead it off with a bunny rabbit for International Rabbit Day which falls on September 24th.  September is also National Honey month and trending colors are orchid and phlox purple.  


Newest Rabbit Photos

Click image for Shy Bunny Lanyard

Rabbit lanyard

Click image for Floral Rabbit Lanyard

Everyone knows that it is hard to get good pictures of kids and pets because they just won’t sit still.So you would think product photography of little bunny rabbit items would be a snap. Well they don’t sit so still either.

I was trying yesterday and today to retake the photos for one item and get images taken of a new item.Both items are cell phone / zipper pull / key chain charms, so they are designed to hang. Getting a sitting portrait of an item that isn’t meant to sit can be a challenge. Finally after lots of coaxing with them, success!

I just love these little Asian porcelain rabbit beads, the one looks so shy and bashful and the other looks like a rabbit that is taking charge and hopping away leash and all!  The glass bellflower beads were so lovely, I bought a variety of colors to work with on projects.  I love the garden feel they give to these lanyards.  The lanyards are nylon cord with iridescent threads woven throughout, so there is also a soft sparkle with these.

Making these was a joy.  All the elements have beautiful colors and textures. I love the bunny rabbit in the garden feel of them and the feminine look.  I had a friend stop over after I made the first one with the reds and corals.  She bought one right away.  So that was a nice compliment for me that the lanyard charm had the “charm” I wanted.

Treasury Thursday – Autumns Edge

Etsy Treasury Autumns Edge

Click image above to go to treasury and view items

This week, I find myself dealing with an on and off summer cold or allergy. So today I felt like visualizing myself enjoying one of those crisp clean days of autumn walking out in the woods where everything is so fresh and clean and you feel so good. It is not too hot or cold, the birds are singing, little animals are scurrying and nature’s fall colors are gorgeous.

I love to create treasuries on Etsy since I can take myself visually anywhere I want to go with them. At the same time I can show some goodwill to other sellers by featuring their lovely items. Enjoy!

A Treasury – One Last Summer Getaway

Click image to see treasury and items on Etsy

If you can’t find a bunnysitter to physically get away, at least take visual vacations. That is what I like so much about treasuries on Etsy. I can curate 16 items that take me away to somewhere else for a time. Sometimes I buy an item and sometimes by doing the treasuries I help a buyer and seller connect by promoting other’s on Etsy. This treasury celebrates the end of summer and that special quality of light seen this time of year as summer is closing out.


Saturday Thoughts and News


Late last night, I discovered that our Etsy shop has received Google syndication so that it appears in the Google shopping results. This has been a hotly debated subject on Etsy since the rollout for this syndication of Etsy shops began sometime last year. I have seen reports from shops that it helped a lot while other sellers say they haven’t seen any difference at all in their views or sales.

With a tough economy though, many want to believe that getting into that extra place will be the thing that gets them to the sales level they are seeking. So the slowness of Etsy and Google making this happen for all Etsy sellers is causing a lot of negativity. Many of the unsyndicated feel they aren’t on an even playing field. 

The jury is out for us on this one until some time has passed.  Since summer is a slower time for people looking for bunny rabbit items, unless they are a true rabbit enthusiast, it may not make much difference for us receiving this syndication now. Springtime would have provided a better testing time for Rabbittude.  We will keep to our plans and see what this does or doesn’t do for our views and sales going forward. At least now in the Google shopping, items from our CafePress store and Etsy shop are appearing together to give people who are finding us for the first time a wider variety of choices.

Learning we were syndicated did prompt a really good look over all our current listings to make sure they met the rules to be picked up by the feed.  I was editing late into the night.  Then this morning Blaine was going back through and reviewing, looking for typos or things that didn’t make sense.  That provided a funny view of the difference in how the guys view descriptions.  Blaine told me I had a problem on one listing.  I asked which one and his response was, “the silver bunny earrings with violet whatevers”.  Which was his translation of  Sterling Bunny Rabbit Earrings, Violet Swarovski Butterflys.

Changing subjects to Poo in review:  In The Wonderful World of Bunny Poo, I talked about a Creative Breakroom challenge I had seen for “Jars O Crap”.  Even though the challenge is past, I was going to do an upscaled bunny poo in a jar product picture and description a la that challenge theme for fun.  However, my rabbits aren’t the poo producers I had thought.  Well they are, but they aren’t as messy outside the box as I thought which is the best means of collecting clean dry poo.  Either they have gotten very tidy right when I decided to collect a small jar of their random poos, or they were never as messy as I assumed.  Live and learn.  If I ever get a jar collected, I will do a blog post with my hypthetical product listing. 

Tomorrow I will share some photos.  The first week of August has been designated as a Simplify Your Life week.  So, I have posts planned starting Monday on how to simplify and make things easier with house rabbits as part of the household equation.  I will share a lot of the things we have discovered and learned that have helped us.