Whats Up With Rabbittude …

I have been MIA here for a while and it has been a combination of things.  The fall allergy season is a tricky one for me and sometimes leaves me drained and down or dealing with sleeplessness due to sinus pressure.  Next year, I need to get blog posts written ahead to make things easier on myself to keep on track.  However, this year was more than just seasonal allergies.  The end of the allergy season coincided with the six month anniversary of losing Tigger and Shadow.  That hit a bit harder than expected, especially so since one of our early friends we met after getting Tigger and Shadow was Jean and her bunny Acorn.  Acorn was also eleven years old and in failing health this past year.  I am sad to say that he too is now gone.  So I will get back to writing some stories soon and include a tribute to Acorn in that.

Leo has been keeping me company in the office on a daily basis and we are growing to know each other better.  He is a close to the vest bunny rabbit, not letting all his likes and dislikes and personality all hang out.  It will be an uncovering of the layers of Leo over time.  One thing though is quite clear, he is a sweetie and that makes it hard to understand how someone else could have given him up.

To keep my hands busy and still some sad thoughts for a time while still showing my love of rabbits, I have been doing a lot of creating with my hoard of bunny beads over this past couple months. Most of those items have been listed in our Etsy Buntique shop if you are looking for something rabbit themed for yourself or another rabbit lover. The showcase here has just a few of the items available.  We have a special going on starting tomorrow through next Monday, free US shipping and reduced shipping prices to locations outside the US.

I will start to write bunny stories again during this next week, now that things are getting back to normal again and I am catching up to schedule again.

A treasury for Thursday – Twacking Wabbits

Etsy Treasury - Twacking Wabbits
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Heh-heh-heh-heh-heh, Elmer would be having a bwast twacking wabbits on Etsy in this year of the wabbit!

Follow Friday – An Etsy Find: Bellina Creations

Green Jade Bronze Wire Wrapped Birds Nest Ring

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Sapphire Blue Quartz Necklace

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Catseye And Copper Wire Wrapped Marble Sea Glass Necklace

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For my second Follow Friday post today, I have an Etsy find, jewelry artist Bonnie of Bellina Creations.  I have really just started to get to know her as the captain of the Etsy team, Lean on Me.  I can see already I am going to enjoy the very positive atmosphere she has created in the team threads and the many friendly people who have been drawn to the team.

This is a find, she just opened her shop less than six months ago.  Reading her profile I see she is one of the many who have become unemployed in this economy.  In her own words she is “taking a leap of faith and finding a different road”.

You will find lovely jewelry in her shop that is beautifully photographed.  I picked three favorite pieces to showcase here.   She currently has over 120 handcrafted jewelry items.

I love what she shares about her sea glass: 

But sea glass has a little piece of my heart. The reason behind this is that I put so much of myself into it. Each piece is found by me and can take days sometimes weeks to find a jewelry quality piece. Seeing that little shining gem lying amongst the rocks and sand is like finding a treasure!

I think there are many treasures waiting in her shop, so check her out: http://BellinaCreations.etsy.com.

Hello Again Sunshine!

Honey Bunny Rabbit Bangle BraceletYesterday brought torrential rains and flooding to parts of our area. Our puddles spread out to pondles.  As the sun is shining today, they are beginning to dry up.  Oh well, back to the drawing board, or in this case the jewelry supplies. I pulled out the sweetest 3D bunny rabbit charm in a  silver plated pewter and have the bunny bouncing quite happily now from a sunny honey colored bangle bracelet.

The glass seed beads I used in this piece are just such a lovely golden honey shade and glow with warmth even in low light. The larger round beads are also honey colored, but have a rainbow finish giving off soft glows of blue, peach, pink and green as the light reflects on them.  It reminds me of the colors you see as light hits pooled water.

I have fallen in love with memory wire bracelets since buying one from Cindylouwho2 on Etsy last year. They are so comfortable to wear. There are no clasps to fiddle around with to take the bracelets on and off. You wrap it around your wrist and unwrap to take it off.  Simple!  It holds its shape. Whatever your wrist size, the wire will expand or contract to fit.  If you want to give a bracelet gift, you don’t need to know wrist size.   

There was so much potential for versatility in design, using different sizes and types of beads, number of loops or adding charms or dangles.  I could see these bracelets in delicate feminine sparkly beads, pearls, big bold beads, with just a few loops or with lots of loops to create cuffs.  I could picture layering different ones together on the arm.  I was inspired to order some stainless steel memory wire in silver, gold and copper colors.   Did I say how much I love this wire?

There are several different styles of memory wire bracelets now available in the Rabbittude Etsy shop.