Follow Friday – HRS Health Database

Health Data Request by the HRSI received a copy of the House Rabbit Society newsletter this week. The article on the back is about their project to collect and preserve health data on rabbits.

They are asking for participation from everybody who has a bunny with health records.  Adding to the information in this database can aid in the care of other rabbits. I intend to download this and work on filling in as much information as I can for Tigger, Shadow and Portia’s veterinary care during their lives with us.

I have saved 10 years of vet bills that I will work to add into the database. Now that Tigger and Shadow are senior buns, I am thinking a lot about the time when they will leave us. It would be wonderful if part of their legacy was contributing to longer lives for other rabbits.  One recent vet visit we were given a prescription medication that doesn’t have a lot of documentation on how it works in rabbits, the vet wanted to try it since it was well tolerated by other herbivores.  So we might be the first to add data on that medication for rabbits. 

Check out this page on the HRS website with the info and download links:

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