Rabbit Communication

One striking thing with the five rabbits we have known is the differences each placed on how they communicated with us and what they most wanted us to understand.

ThumperThumper would come and paw at ankles when he wanted to be picked up for snuggles.
HRH Princess TiggerTigger would enter a room and thump. It became like an announcement, HRH Princess Tigger has arrived, pay attention.
Sweet ShadowShadow would slip silently in to a room, sneak up and nose bonk on ankles as his way of saying he was there and would like a head pet.
Pretty PortiaPortia would snort in conversations we had with her. We would talk to her and pause, she would snort and we would continue. At each of our pauses, Portia would snort in response. She liked us talking to her and participated in the conversations.
Leo the LionheadLeo likes to come nipping at ankles and he wants to be watched as he runs around and shows off and binkies.

Leave a comment below with your experiences of rabbits styles of communication. We would love to hear what other bunnies are up to in learning to communicate with their human friends.

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