Where’s Leo?

Where is little Leo?Okay, so this isn’t the planned topic.  Blame it on Leo who threw my game plan off today by displaying some of his personal flavor of rabbittude.  You can see in the picture we have created a really roomy exercise pen for him with some wire cube kits and cable ties.

The pen is just under 4 feet by 5 feet in size.  There is plenty of room for a willow tunnel, food and water bowls, straw mats, toys, his favorite blanky, his corner litter box in the far corner of this picture and he still has lots of run around room.  So where is Leo?  Leo was running around the office, in and out of his exercise pen and burrowing under the sheet that we have draped along the one side that is between his exercise pen and a file cabinet.  We have a piece of cardboard on the floor under that drapped sheet for him to chew on and dig at.  I heard him for quite some time digging at things inside and outside of his exercise pen.

Then the sound changed somewhat and I knew I needed to find out what Leo was up to.  No Leo in his pen, no Leo under the sheet.  I am hearing him in the area of the pen, but no Leo anywhere in sight.  Now sometimes Leo disappears by burrowing underneath his blanky, but not this time.  I am hearing him digging and chewing at something right in the area of his pen and cannot see him anywhere at all.

Then it slowly dawned on me that in spite of what we had tried to do to block of his access to wiggle behind the pen that is exactly where he had managed to go.  Leo was now in the far corner behind his pen, behind his corner little box.  So I could hear him, but not see him.  He is small enough that he hadn’t even really pushed the pen that much out from the wall with his wiggling in.  We had a bit of a disagreement about his coming back out.  I got that rabbit look more than once as he would start towards me and then back up again.  I guess he realized I was serious about coming after him, so he grudgingly came back out on his own.  Once I got him out, he was trying to wiggle back into the space he had created the whole time I was trying to find a way to truly block it off this time.

So I am trying to rig a fix and while I am doing it, I am pulling Leo out, trying again, pulling Leo out again.  I was working to fix another little wall with cable ties that would extend from the pen and insert behind the file cabinet so he would not have a way to be able to wiggle behind the pen again.  I think I had to pull him back out and shoo him away at least six times before I was successful in hooking up that new wall.  At least I think I was successful.  It is amazing what a rabbit can do and where they can go if they are motivated enough.

Sometimes I think Leo is a quieter less active rabbit than Tigger and Shadow.   It still may be way too soon to know that for sure though.  We don’t know what he was used to or able to do in his previous home.  We don’t know how he was treated.  So we don’t know how comfortable or confident he felt in the past to really show his true bunny personality.  It is quite possible that little Leo might be getting ready to provide some real challenges if he is now beginning to feel comfy and secure enough here to let loose with some rabbittude Leo style.

I promise no Leo delays will prevent more of the story Friday on living with multiple rabbit encampments …