Was It Something I Said?

Question marksCall me confused, but I found out earlier that my blog has been blocked by a group.  It appears it happened about the time I posted a cartoon this morning.  Perhaps I should not have admitted that we actually have some regularly occurring greenhouse gases here from time to time.  Or maybe the cartoon of the greenhouse gas producer in the act was too much. 

It is also possible that having a blog that talks about bunnies and is tagged with keywords bunny, bunnies, rabbit and attitude have caught up.  After all, everything that talks about those keywords must be rated XXX, right?  I really must resist the urge I have to do a photo with the stuffed rabbit Peeps that I have.  I can only imagine what trouble that show would cause. 

So, I am scratching my head here.  I guess I don’t ever want to write about some of the things that Tigger and Shadow choose to do.  Fixing bunnies only stops rabbit reproduction.  All I intend to say on that is if you have bunnies and children, do expect at times to hear the following question, “Mommy what are the bunnies doing?”  Looking to see what they are doing and finding a kid friendly explanation could at times be a challenge.

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