About Rabbittude

Shadow & Tigger

Shadow & Tigger, 2001 – 2012

Rabbittude: We are crazy about rabbits. It’s all about the Rabbittude. We had more than a decade with our two main bunspirations, Tigger and Shadow. We brought them home as babies and those first two years found ourselves constantly saying we had rabbits with attitude. We said it so much, it slurred right into Rabbittude. Then those two rascally rabbits got so creative with their Rabbittude, we realized we had to share it. We added in Portia bunny thinking to help tame / tone down the other two and instead another layer of Rabbittude began. People were laughing themselves silly over our funny bunny stories.

Birth of a Bunsiness: The website, Rabbittude.com, debuted in 2003. We added a store on Cafepress showcasing original Rabbittude designs in 2005, and opened a store on Etsy at the end of 2009. Check out our stores and see if we have what you need to show your Rabbittude or buy a gift for a bunny rabbit lover! We have apparel, gift items, magnets, mugs, hats, tote bags and more in our Cafepress store, Rabbittude Shop. There are over a dozen designs available on hundreds of items. Our Etsy store, Buntique, carries handmade jewelry, beaded bookmarks and accessories and other gift items with a rabbit, garden or woodland theme.  We have a specialty there with phone charms and dust plug charms for cellphones, tablet computers or other mobile devices.  Gift wrapping for Buntique purchases is available too.

Portia a Chinchilla bunny rabbit

Miss Portia, 2002 – 2006

The Rabbittude Fun pages are being updated a bit and will be back by the end of 2016. These are pages from our original Rabbittude website. We thought we were rabbit savvy people. Then Tigger and Shadow gave us the full-out, no holds barred on the job training in bunnyproofing. The fun pages have laughs, but also a lot of ideas about how to prepare / regroup if you bring home a Rabbittude rabbit.

Living with an intelligent high energy Rabbittude rabbit can be a real challenge, but is the best entertainment and animal companionship. You always have to stay one step ahead to remain relatively sane, keep the rabbits safe, and try to prevent the house from being totally destroyed. Although all three of our bunspirations have now ended their merry Rabbittude course, we still have more to share that they taught us.  There are so many stories, pictures and art to show  what Rabbittude is all about.  Tigger, Shadow and Portia kept us hopping so much that we couldn’t keep up!  Prepare to enjoy lots of Rabbittude.

Sweet Leo's Face

Leo Linus the Lionhead, 2012 –

The future of Rabbittude rabbits began in the summer of 2012 when Leo Linus the Lionhead rabbit arrived here with his very own unique slant on Rabbittude. Little Leo keeps things pretty close to the cuff until he is ready to open up and act. He is in every way a totally different rabbit experience for us. That is what is so great with rabbits, the variety in their personalities. We look forward to sharing Leo’s stories with you as he shares them with us …

Welcome to Rabbittude …

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Rebecca & Blaine Pullin*Note: The spelling, bunsiness, is not a typo and bunspirations is a combination of bunny & inspirations. We admit, we are into bun puns and bun mots. ~ Becca & Blaine Pullin