Newest Rabbit Photos

Click image for Shy Bunny Lanyard

Rabbit lanyard

Click image for Floral Rabbit Lanyard

Everyone knows that it is hard to get good pictures of kids and pets because they just won’t sit still.So you would think product photography of little bunny rabbit items would be a snap. Well they don’t sit so still either.

I was trying yesterday and today to retake the photos for one item and get images taken of a new item.Both items are cell phone / zipper pull / key chain charms, so they are designed to hang. Getting a sitting portrait of an item that isn’t meant to sit can be a challenge. Finally after lots of coaxing with them, success!

I just love these little Asian porcelain rabbit beads, the one looks so shy and bashful and the other looks like a rabbit that is taking charge and hopping away leash and all!  The glass bellflower beads were so lovely, I bought a variety of colors to work with on projects.  I love the garden feel they give to these lanyards.  The lanyards are nylon cord with iridescent threads woven throughout, so there is also a soft sparkle with these.

Making these was a joy.  All the elements have beautiful colors and textures. I love the bunny rabbit in the garden feel of them and the feminine look.  I had a friend stop over after I made the first one with the reds and corals.  She bought one right away.  So that was a nice compliment for me that the lanyard charm had the “charm” I wanted.

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  1. Love the flowers hanging below, so pretty. I love those Asian porcelain bunny beads as well. They are so adorable. I’m almost out of them. Time to order more! The simple earrings I make from them were big sellers around the holidays last year. I just made a couple necklaces with them. Hopefully I’ll get them posted on Etsy today.

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