Imaginary Worlds – Atlanta Botanical Garden

The Atlanta Botanical Garden has had a wonderful exhibit going on over the summer that will continue through October called Imaginary Worlds. I’m sharing the rabbit and unicorn sculptures here and will try to upload other photos I took later to either Pinterest or Flickr. I’ve finally begun to set up the account on Flickr and need to begin loading some images there. I’ve had the account there for some time, but forgot about it and forgot how to get access to it. Oh well, time to see about putting it to use now.

The pictures of the bunnies came out the best the day we were at the gardens, because I was able to shoot the images mostly at them without much of the sky. It was a weird lighting day when we were there, one moment overcast and the next bright sunshine. That can be tricky to get the light and color right and I am still learning and trying to get a good working relationship going with getting the best images from our two digital cameras. I’m hoping we can go back again this month and enjoy all the sculptures again. Although the bunnies look like topiary, the garden calls the exhibits sculptures. That is a better description of the scope and size of these exhibits. The rabbits are some of the smallest, others are 20 to 25 feet in size. The inside image here with the running rabbit shows an example of the foundation that the sculptures are built on.

Tomorrow a story about Tigger and Shadow and rabbit transit …