Booda Don’t

Booda Dome Clean Step Litter boxSo this is the Booda Dome Clean Step Litter Box. We picked it up for Leo over the weekend. We thought a manly deep brown color was just the thing for our little bunny boy.

We had a Booda Dome without the steps with Tigger and Shadow. They liked it. We thought this one with the step ramp in to the litter box would be more to Leo’s liking since he loves to hide places and he isn’t as adept at hopping into and out of things as Tigger and Shadow. So we thought the step ramp would be something Leo would like better. We forgot though that there is one thing Leo hates more than being out in the open and that is new things.

Leo avoiding Booda Dome So now we have the Booda don’t. As you can see in the picture, Leo isn’t willing to enter the room with this new “thing” in there. You can barely see where it is way across the room behind the cardboard cottage. I even removed the dome top trying to make it a little less scary to him. Leo alternated between hovering at the doorway and running top speed down the hall and back in to the office. He sits at the doorway just staring at it.

I have no idea what Leo thinks it is going to do, but he clearly plans to keep an eye on it and maintain a safe distance. I’ve read that the eyes on a Lionhead are more prominent than other rabbit breeds. What that means to us is that when Leo gets scared about something, he really looks bug-eyed.

Leo avoiding Booda DomeOkay, so this picture is a bit later and looks like progress. Except Leo never likes to be out in the open in this room and is never in this spot. His favorite spot is behind the cardboard cottage. However now, the new litter box is behind the cardboard cottage. So Leo is more willing to expose himself in the open than go back by that new “thing”.

I do hope this isn’t going to be a repeat of the pet bed. I’ll share that story tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Booda Don’t

  1. Leo is too funny! It does look like Tatooine! Pikachu doesn’t like new things either. What about spacing out a trail of treats that lead to the Dome. Maybe that will encourage him to approach it.

  2. So funny! I do hope he tries it out. I would try the treats idea. Maybe one at a time for him to discover closer and closer to going in?

  3. LOL, I have the top off of it right now. Leo did sneak in at some point today to the bottom part, because the litter box facilities were used. He hasn’t been willing to go in to the top which is just sitting separately on the floor, but he was at least willing to stay in the room with it today and flop beside it. I will try the trail of treats in to the dome and then see if we can work on getting the two parts back together with him willing to go in to use it.

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