Do You Have a Bunny Rabbit Story to Tell?

Four Rabbits

We have a lot of bunny stories yet to share here and expect Leo will create many more to come. We would also like to include the stories and images of other house rabbits too. So we would like to consider some guest blogging posts here on Rabbittude.

If you have a story idea you would like to share in the comments here on the post or via the comment form under our Contact page, we invite you to do that. If you have things you would like to see us share more of here on Rabbittude, let us know that too. It will help us to decide going forward what we should put in our long-range blog planning.

If you are a writer, we would be looking for something 500 – 1000 words with an image or two. If you are a storyteller, you can consider sharing an image or video you might have on YouTube with some behind the scenes comments about the story behind the image or video. This is your opportunity to pitch ideas to us of anything you might like to share here on Rabbittude. Nothing needs to be submitted at this point except ideas.

We will be working to see about ways of people being able to share images of other rabbits to be able to have some gallery ability of house rabbits here too.

4 thoughts on “Do You Have a Bunny Rabbit Story to Tell?

    • It is nice to hear lots of different bunny stories. If people don’t respond now as it is entering a busier time of year, I will work on ways to continue to encourage and ask for this going forward in the future too.

  1. I have tried to keep up with our own bunny blog, but have been awful at it…. This would definitely encourage me to write up so of my favorite stories from the bunnies in my life (past and present!)

    PS – I have also been bad at keeping up with everyone else’s blog. I have especially missed this one!

    • Ah it is so good to see you comment again. I would love to see about having some of your bunny stories here too. I know it is super hard sometimes with things going on in life to keep up with the blogging. I’m working on longer range planning to keep things going well.

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