Kicking Back

You Work It Baby!

This blog is dedicated to kicking back. No bunny we have ever seen does kicking back quite like Tigger.

Right from the time we brought her home as a baby bunny, Tigger has done the cutest flop and drop routines. The ones that really get our attention are the kitty style curl ups where she is rolling around on her side and back and sometimes licking her paw.

This is clearly done at times with some thought on her part. Tigger will do her cutest flops right in front of us and then will look right at us with her big brown eyes and the message is clear, “I’m sooooo cute! Just come over here and pet me right now.

Shadow has noticed over the years just how much attention Tigger gets with her cute flops and  started to imitate her. I really wish I had his first attempt on film. Instead of the cute flop and pose that Tigger gets, Shadow looked like he had a seizure with all his body parts sticking out at odd and awkward angles. He has improved with practice and is quite cute himself now.

Tigger still remains the queen of the cute flop. Sometimes it seems she is actually modeling for the camera and working through different poses. She rarely hops off when the camera comes out, but holds still and even turns different ways so that we can get every side of her. Tigger seems to know that there just isn’t a bad side to her cute little bunny body.

I hope everyone here in the US is having a safe and fun holiday weekend!

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