Simplify Your Life Week – Clips for Bunnies

ACCO binder clips and beyond jumbo paper clipsThis post is about hitting the office products department to help with bunnyproofing and make your life with rabbits simpler.  Both clips in the picture are 1 1/4 inches wide.  The black ACCO binder clip is 2 inches long while the giant paper clip is 4 inches long.

How do we use these? These clips are great for holding cardboard together to make replaceable walls to keep bunny away from baseboards, furniture or doors you don’t want chewed.  To see cardboard walls and pictures we created, here is a link back to an article I wrote at the end of June, The Great Wall of Cardboard.

A little bit later today, I will post some pictures showing how we used these clips, cardboard and carpet to both protect the bunnies and create a fun place to hang out.