Treasury Blitz for the Georgia Etsy Team

Nature Walk Treasury

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Moms Zoo Etsy treasury

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Handmade Georgia Etsy treasury

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It was a blast this morning participating in a treasury blitz for the Georgia Etsy team.  Our goal was to increase the visibility of Georgia Etsy team shops, all based in Georgia USA. We had a number of team members creating treasuries, clicking and commenting on the treasuries and promoting them on their other teams and social networks. It was a flurry of treasury activity between 7 and 10 am this morning.

Around noon, more than a dozen of the treasuries had made it to the top ten pages of the Etsy Treasury.  That is so wonderful to see when there are currently over 24,000 treasuries. We are celebrating that all three of the Rabbittude treasuries made it to page seven or above, with the Nature Walk Finds making it to page two!  Georgia Etsy Team Caption Mod MomMe  had all three of her treasuries make it to page one: Honey and Chocolate, Simply Seafoam, She Is Beautiful.  Awesome! We are honored that our new butter yellow freshwater pearl bunny rabbit bracelet was featured in the Honey and Chocolate treasury.

This was a golden opportunity to meet some new Georgia friends online and help to promote each other.  I hope this will be an activity that we can continue in the future and bring more views and sales to all the wonderful artisans on the team. 

Due to the Georgia Blitz and the start of spring, Rabbittude has been included in a baker’s dozen of treasuries during the past day,  the Honey and Chocolate listed above and these other lovely treasuries:

We are honored to have been included. Click on them and enjoy not only Rabbittude, but all the other wonderful Etsy artisans this spring.