Leo the Leg Man

Leo is a leg man

A slight change of plan here to keep this post brief.  Until little Leo’s hormones finally calm down, I need to start scheduling my writing time for his nap time.  Usually, I have been writing after Blaine gets home from work so that he can distract Leo from his pursuit of me.  Unfortunately, Blaine has come down sick with a cold / flu today and has been sleeping most of the day.

It is now two weeks since Leo’s neuter, but his hormones are still raging.  Leo is a leg man, an arm man, an anything he can reach rabbit man.  My legs are getting cramped trying to keep them up out of his way and he is at times chewing on my chair in frustration.

Leo at the moment is a poster bunny for why a house rabbit needs to be neutered.  We are thinking that the reason we were given for his being turned in to the shelter (owners working long hours) might not have been the whole truth of the matter.  Or he may be much younger than was thought and just hit the full hormonal burst right as we adopted him.  Any way you look at it though, the love bites that accompany Leo’s rabbit embrace are quite painful if I fail to evade him.  This really isn’t an ideal way to start off our bonding process.  We are glad to have rescued him, but so sad it was necessary because so many don’t properly understand the needs of a house rabbit.  Our vet told us it would take 1-2 months for his hormones to settle down.  I am guessing it is going to be the  full 2 months at this rate.

Gotta go for now, but I will make sure to finish the story on the diagnosis and the long road to recovery for Shadow and get that posted tomorrow …