The Scooter

Portia Bunny RabbitWhen it comes to running, Tigger and Shadow are like little bunny race cars. They are sleek, corner with ease, and run fast as the wind. Portia, the bunny we lost a few years back, was different. She moved fast for her, but in comparison to Tigger and Shadow, Portia was a scooter. Her version of a run was funny and funky rather than fast and sleek.

She was so cute to watch when she would decide to use her scooter run. We could count on seeing it when we would leave the door to our half bath open. Portia treated the bath and alcove like area created behind the open door like her forbidden territories. 

Portia would either sneak in to the bath or the area behind the open door when we weren’t around .  The half bath was at the bottom of the stairs to the first floor.  When we would start to come down the stairs into Portia’s area, she would come zooming out of the bath or out from behind the door. They were her little guilty pleasure areas to explore all on her own.

Since Portia came to us as a rescue bunny at about a year old, we didn’t know her full history. We thought her funny run and inability to jump up on things were possibly due to a past injury. However, it turned out she had an unknown congenital heart defect which led to a sudden and early death at just four years old.  We realize now that she probably didn’t have the same energy as Tigger and Shadow and paced herself according to her limitations.

Thinking back to that cute scooter run is even more special knowing that it was Portia full-out at her peak speed.

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