When Life Gives You Bunny Poop … Go With the Flow …

The Land of Bunny Poo

The Land of Bunny Poo – Fine Art Photograph

A question before the start of the story – Can you actually use the terms semi-precious stones, jade, snowflake jasper, wood hearts, wire wrapped silver and gold, porcelain bowls, beach stones, scrapbook paper, bunny poop, and fine art photography all together and be describing the same thing?  No trick question here, the answer is in the photo. Yes!

So, how did this photo of the Land of Bunny Poo come into being?  Well I have been a busy bunny over the past few weeks creating beaded jewelry and gifts to sell in our Etsy shop, Buntique, to take advantage of the gift buying season and to clear away some of the hoard (horde? – never sure of that spelling) of bunny beads that we have here.  I swear they must be reproducing without my knowledge or approval in their storage drawers.

Anyway, back to the main story of making and listing quite a number of things on Etsy.  I was looking for ways on Etsy to improve visibility.  I had not tried the Search Ads which are new there over the past year and thought I would see how those worked.  It was an exercise in great frustration trying to get words that would be the best words / phrases like “bunny earrings”.  I read everything, tried everything, checked and double checked that items were properly titled and tagged to be offered that phrase and could not get that phrase for an ad.  I tried asking why in the forum support but received no answers.

As they say time is money and time was running out to really take best advantage of visibility.  However, I am not big on mindlessly hitting my head against the wall if things aren’t working, I usually look for other means and opportunities.  So I moved a large section of jewelry into a sale section and reduced prices.  Then I looked at what the Etsy system would let me advertise.  It was funny / not funny that the ads were quite willing to let me have the term ‘poop’.  Now we do have some bunny poop items, some kitschy, quirky bookmarks and a clasp with a bunny poop theme.  So I decided a poo coup or poop in as it were was the way to go.  The Buntique shop didn’t really have a free section to really make a splash with the poop.  So I hopped over to our Rabbittude shop account and created a bunny poop section and put in the bookmarks and clasp and started an ad for that section.

I got in to a discussion about the whole thing with Blaine and another member of the Etsy Rabbits team which led to a bit of brainstorming about expanding the poop section.  And that leads to the story behind the photo. I started joking with the other Etsy Rabbit team-mate that maybe I should create a land of Bunny Poo where little stone bunnies gather to poop the beads that are used to create our bunny poop bookmarks.  I was told that was hilarious and if I had the materials I should go for it and create a scene and photograph it, even create a print.

I don’t know whether to be really proud of myself or concerned that I had all the materials on hand to make the mythical Land of Bunny Poo a reality.  In this little land of weathered beach stones, a green jade supervisor rabbit watches as pale green jade worker rabbits climb a stairway of wooden hearts to cross a wooden spoon bridge onto a porcelain hillside where they can eat lampwork glass greens so that their brown jasper snowflake poops can flow downhill to be collected.  Above the bunnies is a tree of gold and silver wires with the production rewards they might win dangling as incentive to keep eating and pooping – a lampwork glass peach, apple or the top banana prize.  Go for it rabbits!

So I created my little land today and took a photo and played with the image a bit in Photoshop with some filters.  I have not decided if this is the final version.  I need to test what I might print it on and how it looks as a print,  perhaps on a card with an envelope or heavy cardstock / photo paper for a print.  Then I will see about adding it to our Rabbittude poop section and think about expanding the bunny poop line further. Blaine even has a slogan, “We are number one with number two!”

So, just going with the flow here … don’t these little dots just really fit the theme …


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