I Don’t Know Nothin’ About Birthin’ No Blog

Tigger & Shadow Close UpGreetings Bunny lovers.  I’m Pappa Bunny.  Momma Bunny had a rough day today.  **Tigger !!  No !!! No !!!  Stop that !!**   She fought off pirates yesterday who hijacked her Twitter.  **Shadow!!  Quit chewing on that !!  Bad Bunny !!**    She is enjoying a little quiet time.  Me, I’m trying to keep the babies out of trouble (fat chance), and help out a little bit here.

Tigger has shown remarkable improvement over last weekend.  Looking at her, you would never guess she was at death’s door then.  Her appetite is back to normal, and she is being very good about eating hay.  I swear we have the only two rabbits in the world who don’t like timothy hay.  I tried a new brand of timothy on them last night, and they seem to have eaten it all.  **Tigger !!!  Leave Shadow alone !!**   Sorry about the interruptions.  Bunnies will be bunnies.

I am still concerned about Shadow.  He has a lot of energy, and is still very playful for his age.  It’s just that his appetite seems to be slowly decreasing.  At his last few vet visits, he has dropped a little bit of weight each time.  I am going to try to make some banana / critical care balls for him.  Maybe he has a slight blockage.  Or he just needs  a little something to stimulate his appetite more.   **Shadow!!  Get down off of Momma’s chair.**

It is so hard watching them grow old.  It seems like yesterday that we had two hyperactive little puff-balls running around like maniacs, getting their little bunny selves into everything.  They were a lot of work, and at times very exasperating.  But I wouldn’t change it for anything.  Even those runs around the dining room table at midnight trying to get Shadow to go to bed.

Thanks for letting me share with you.  Momma Bunny should be ready to go for tomorrow.  Me?  I gotta go feed the Prince and Princess another pile of kale leaves.

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