Rabbit … Rabbit … Rabbit

rabbit rabbit rabbitWe needed to take a bit of a break here over the summer. Coming back in to blogging for love of rabbits seems a good way to spend some of the free Labor Day time today.

I learn new things all the time about rabbits and rabbit lore. Today in an online forum, I had someone in another country ask why English speakers suggest saying rabbit … rabbit … rabbit at the start of the day, the first day of each month. Now that is one I had not heard before.

Google research came to the rescue with an article on Wikipedia with a lot of information on origins, history and variants, but this is the basics on it:

“Rabbit rabbit rabbit” is one variant of a common British superstition which states that a person should say or repeat the word “rabbit” or “rabbits”, or “white rabbits”, or some combination of these elements, out loud upon waking (or first moment) on the first day of the month, because doing so will ensure good luck for the duration of that month.

Hearing about this proves again there is always something new to learn about rabbits. I did think it was funny though when I was telling Blaine about it that he had the same thought I did. Usually if we are saying rabbit … rabbit … rabbit, it is because a bunny has done something very bad and we are muttering “rabbit” repeatedly instead of swearing at them.

Tomorrow and update on the Booda dome …

Bunnies Bearing Gifts Contest Update

Bunny in wig and pearlsWe had a website outage here at Rabbittude yesterday along with a couple other websites we host going up and down for a time. Since the websites aren’t hosted on the same platforms or servers, it was one of those weird awful days when unconnected things simultaneously go wrong. That threw off scheduled blog posts. We expect to be back to posts next week and will have them Mon – Wed and will then take a break to enjoy the long Thanksgiving holiday weekend. We hope everyone has plans to spend some quality time with friends and family!

Since we did have some website downtime yesterday, we are going to extend  entries to our contest for gift certificates.   You can enter through the end of the day EST tomorrow Saturday the 23rd and we will pick the gift certificate winners on Sunday the 24th. Each comment on the blog equals an entry and signing up for our newsletter list equals an entry.

A Brief Note Today

Normally I try to post on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Today hasn’t been so normal. I was kept up last night with what seemed like extreme allergy, eye and sinus problems on one side of my head. It got worse this morning.  So, I have been to the Emergency Room today and gotten a full work up including blood work and a CAT scan. Now that they have ruled out things worse than a sinus infection, I can start to take what they prescribed for that. Meanwhile this evening I am quite tired from whatever they gave me to prevent any claustrophobic freaking out over the CAT scan machine.

So tomorrow and Friday, I will share the last stories and pictures of Shadow on his own. Next week I will have stories of Portia and what it was like to bond Tigger & Shadow.

We’re Still in the UK and …

Hillbilly Internet Headquarters

Hillbilly Internet Headquarters

Okay, I woke up groggy once again this morning with my now usual Benadryl hangover and we are still in the  UK according to Etsy. I tried to get on with the business of the day which included lots of work on a website due to go live tomorrow.  I was working furiously to get some of the final edits in place and upload the site to the internet.

Right in the middle of the upload, my cable internet service goes out, again.  I have lost count of the thousands of times we have lost the internet service over the years we have been with the only business level provider to our area. 

I picture the company as having a headquarters like the picture here.  Everything about the service seems to be holding together just about as well as this ramshackle shack which is just barely.

Sigh …  At least Shadow has come off his Baytril and is bouncing around and has regained a lot of appetite.  He seems to be healthier than he has been in months and wants to get into all kinds of things and places.  Tigger is still a concern.  Her appetite fluctuates widely day-to-day.  She regularly has gas issues, no mistaking that skunky smell.  She is on again off again for pain and gas meds and feedings of Critical Care based on her activity, eating and comfort level.

I am hoping tomorrow will be a little less crazy than so many days have been this month.

We’ve Moved! No Wait, We Haven’t, but …

Question marksThere are some days I cannot decide which is crazier and less consistent, my rabbits or the internet.  admittedly, I have been a bit fuzzy headed for a week now as the Ragweed pollen counts have gone way up and I have been walking around in a Benadryl haze.  However, I don’t remember moving to the United Kingdom. 

That is however where Google now has our Rabbittude Etsy shop showing up, as uk.etsy.com/shop/rabbittude.  Dozens of US and Canadian shops on Etsy are reporting that according to Google, they are now in the UK.  

Time for more Benadryl and maybe tomorrow I will find out it was just a figment of an allergy induced coma state. 

Hitting the Wall

Human asleep at deskThis has been a rough month and it is only at the half way point. Tigger and Shadow are both being medicated for different problems.  Tropical depression Lee came through on Labor Day with multiple tornado warnings.  We lost internet for a chunk of time after that which backed my work load up since I run internet based businesses and do web design / development.

The Etsy Rabbits team is putting a push on creating treasuries with team members / rabbit themes to get the word out about International Rabbit Day. I thought I at least had that one down as Saturday the 24th, but Etsy posted it as the 25th.  In doing research, it appears that groups pick the 4th Saturday or Sunday of the month. So now there are lots of treasuries planned leading up to and through both days of the now International Rabbit Day Weekend event. 

Then business taxes that were extended are now due. Blaine and I both have large work projects going and are operating on very little sleep.  Add in the fact it is fall allergy season here and we are coughing, sneezing, and wheezing.  What does a good nights sleep feel like?  I am not sure anymore.

So I am almost hitting the wall.  I say almost, because I am so tired I am not sure there is a wall anymore and I don’t have the energy to try to find it to hit it.

Silent Sunday 9/11

The images from 10 years ago are burned so strongly in my mind.  Even after a decade, I found it impossible to adequately translate anything in to words that didn’t sound trivial or trite.  So I did what so many do when an event is overwhelming and observed a day of silent remembrance for the lives lost and all the lives forever changed by the events of that single day.

Follow the Weather and Stay Safe …

hurricane symbolTropical depression Lee is moving through Georgia. The rain it is bringing is much-needed.  However, it is also bringing unstable air.  We have just come out of a half hour in the half bath due to tornado warnings. There is a watch for possible tornadoes for the remainder of today here in North Georgia.  If you are in the pathway for Lee, keep an eye out for severe weather.

Bunnies were not happy to be grabbed without ceremony and stuffed into a carrier.   We do what we have to for all us to remain as safe as our circumstances allow when those sirens go off.  They came back out thumping.  We have them fenced off in one room only so that we can get them again easily should we need to this evening.  If we have a next house, a requirement will be a basement for better safety.

Stay tuned in to news sources for weather updates and stay safe all!

Edited to be more correct, tropical depression Lee, not hurricane.  Regardless of terminology, the bunnies are still not liking being stuffed in the carrier when the tornado sirens go off. Second time now today.

Follow the Weather and Stay Safe …

hurricane symbolMuch of the Eastern coast of the US and Canada are bracing for hurricane Irene to make landfall.  I hope that those in the path are heading the warnings to leave or be prepared to be cut off.  It is recommended to be provisioned for 5-7 days with food and water for all in your household which includes any pets. 

The size of this storm is enormous.  One forecaster likened it to the size of Europe.  Even if the winds die down a bit, a storm of this size will be carrying a lot of water.  I am no veteran of hurricanes, but do know from watching reports of many that have hit the southern states that the water can often be the most damaging part of the storm.

If you have never been without power for an extended period of time, it can be worse than you can imagine.  My mother lost power for a week in the blackout of 2003 where power was lost starting in Ohio and cascading throughout the east and up to Canada.  In addition to no power, she also had no fresh water or sewer services.  The power outage took out the sewage and water treatment plant in her area too.

Losing power also means losing communications.  That could be the most frightening and dangerous thing of all.  If you are marooned with no TV, internet, telephone, cell phone service or radios, you won’t know what is happening and where.  Being cut off and not knowing what to do could be deadly.

So please take care, take heed, leave now if you are in an evacuation zone. 

Was It Something I Said?

Question marksCall me confused, but I found out earlier that my blog has been blocked by a group.  It appears it happened about the time I posted a cartoon this morning.  Perhaps I should not have admitted that we actually have some regularly occurring greenhouse gases here from time to time.  Or maybe the cartoon of the greenhouse gas producer in the act was too much. 

It is also possible that having a blog that talks about bunnies and is tagged with keywords bunny, bunnies, rabbit and attitude have caught up.  After all, everything that talks about those keywords must be rated XXX, right?  I really must resist the urge I have to do a photo with the stuffed rabbit Peeps that I have.  I can only imagine what trouble that show would cause. 

So, I am scratching my head here.  I guess I don’t ever want to write about some of the things that Tigger and Shadow choose to do.  Fixing bunnies only stops rabbit reproduction.  All I intend to say on that is if you have bunnies and children, do expect at times to hear the following question, “Mommy what are the bunnies doing?”  Looking to see what they are doing and finding a kid friendly explanation could at times be a challenge.

I Don’t Know Nothin’ About Birthin’ No Blog

Tigger & Shadow Close UpGreetings Bunny lovers.  I’m Pappa Bunny.  Momma Bunny had a rough day today.  **Tigger !!  No !!! No !!!  Stop that !!**   She fought off pirates yesterday who hijacked her Twitter.  **Shadow!!  Quit chewing on that !!  Bad Bunny !!**    She is enjoying a little quiet time.  Me, I’m trying to keep the babies out of trouble (fat chance), and help out a little bit here.

Tigger has shown remarkable improvement over last weekend.  Looking at her, you would never guess she was at death’s door then.  Her appetite is back to normal, and she is being very good about eating hay.  I swear we have the only two rabbits in the world who don’t like timothy hay.  I tried a new brand of timothy on them last night, and they seem to have eaten it all.  **Tigger !!!  Leave Shadow alone !!**   Sorry about the interruptions.  Bunnies will be bunnies.

I am still concerned about Shadow.  He has a lot of energy, and is still very playful for his age.  It’s just that his appetite seems to be slowly decreasing.  At his last few vet visits, he has dropped a little bit of weight each time.  I am going to try to make some banana / critical care balls for him.  Maybe he has a slight blockage.  Or he just needs  a little something to stimulate his appetite more.   **Shadow!!  Get down off of Momma’s chair.**

It is so hard watching them grow old.  It seems like yesterday that we had two hyperactive little puff-balls running around like maniacs, getting their little bunny selves into everything.  They were a lot of work, and at times very exasperating.  But I wouldn’t change it for anything.  Even those runs around the dining room table at midnight trying to get Shadow to go to bed.

Thanks for letting me share with you.  Momma Bunny should be ready to go for tomorrow.  Me?  I gotta go feed the Prince and Princess another pile of kale leaves.

Hackers, Phishers and Frauds, Oh My!

WarningI am not sure exactly what happened on Twitter today, because until just a couple of hours ago, I hadn’t been on Twitter.  It appears however, that someone else was very busy today on Twitter using my direct messaging to send out lots of spam.

I HATE SPAM!  BIG YUCK!  The best I can remember, I got an email earlier today notifying me of a direct message from someone I recognized. I must have clicked on it.  I don’t remember clearly, I was in a hurry.  Doing whatever unthinking thing I did with that email gave someone access I didn’t intend.  This is one of the things that hackers and phishers count on.  Sooner or later we all rush and don’t pay attention when something looks legitimate.  Then they get what they need to take over and use someone’s account. 

If you got an email about receiving a direct message from me today on Twitter and haven’t opened it, delete it.  The only messages I have sent have been responses to people who were kind enough to let me know what was going on with my account so that I could work to stop it.  If you rushed like me with an email about a direct message and possibly clicked on anything, change your Twitter password now. 

I am so very sorry to all who received spam messages today from my account.