Follow Friday – An Etsy Find: Bellina Creations

Green Jade Bronze Wire Wrapped Birds Nest Ring

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Sapphire Blue Quartz Necklace

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Catseye And Copper Wire Wrapped Marble Sea Glass Necklace

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For my second Follow Friday post today, I have an Etsy find, jewelry artist Bonnie of Bellina Creations.  I have really just started to get to know her as the captain of the Etsy team, Lean on Me.  I can see already I am going to enjoy the very positive atmosphere she has created in the team threads and the many friendly people who have been drawn to the team.

This is a find, she just opened her shop less than six months ago.  Reading her profile I see she is one of the many who have become unemployed in this economy.  In her own words she is “taking a leap of faith and finding a different road”.

You will find lovely jewelry in her shop that is beautifully photographed.  I picked three favorite pieces to showcase here.   She currently has over 120 handcrafted jewelry items.

I love what she shares about her sea glass: 

But sea glass has a little piece of my heart. The reason behind this is that I put so much of myself into it. Each piece is found by me and can take days sometimes weeks to find a jewelry quality piece. Seeing that little shining gem lying amongst the rocks and sand is like finding a treasure!

I think there are many treasures waiting in her shop, so check her out:

Softly Whisper to Me … a Treasury

Softly Whisper to Me ...

Softly Whisper to Me ...

This is a treasury I created based things that are oh so soft … a lover’s touch, baby kisses, furry brushes against my leg, soft whispers in my ear …

Click on the picture to go to the treasury on Etsy.   Once you have the treasury open,  you can click on each of the items to view the full details or explore more items in these wonderful shops.