Throwback Thursday: Stunt Bunny Tigger & Leo’s New Version

What bunny parents have to do to keep a Tigger safe ...So this throwback picture shows what we had to do to keep Tigger safe from her crazy daredevil stunt bunny desire.  She managed to do a bunny bump and get in to a closet. You can read the full story by clicking here to find out just how crazy dangerous to her well-being this bunny stunt was. When it came to getting in to things Tigger was pure stubborn determination.

Leo has his own version of this which is fortunately not as dangerous as Tigger’s stunt. Leo’s just gets him in to a forbidden bedroom. The bedroom doorway latch doesn’t do the job it is supposed to do. If you push on the door it will open. Well little Leo discovered that if he gave the door a bunny side bump, he could get in to that bedroom anytime he wanted to.

So I’m a bit slow sometimes with Leo to catch on to things I should bunnyproof. Leo has been a kinder gentler bunny in regards to being bad. So when he decides to go for it, I’m usually a few steps behind trying to catch up to what needs to be done. Leo managed a good number of bunny bumps to the door and unauthorized romps around the bedroom and hiding sessions under the bed before I realized that I needed to block the door. I would be busy doing something and would hear a funny bump noise and sure enough when I looked, the bedroom door would be open and Leo would be either nowhere in sight or just a fluffy white bunny behind quickly on the way to disappearing inside.

Leo on top of the bedroom doorway barricadeIt took some refining to get the barricade of the doorway it so it worked right. You can see Leo here sitting on top of his first version of the doorway barricade. We placed a cardboard box on the left where the door opens and his carrier blocking the right side of the doorway. Then Leo realized that he could pull the box out of the way, bump the door and he would be in again. After that, we put his carrier on the left side and the box on the right. Leo can’t pull his carrier out of the way to get to the opening side of the door.

Now if Leo wanted to let himself in, he would have to jump on top of his carrier and bump the door at the same time. Fortunately for us, he hasn’t figured that out.

2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Stunt Bunny Tigger & Leo’s New Version

  1. I just love your bunny stories, as I’ve raised 3 “red- eyed Himmies” -Netherland dwarfs- myself. One thought it was a person- it put front paws on the refrig. shelf every morning, looking for the EXPENSIVE kind of English muffins with raisins as a breakfast treat. Once when I was sick, he lay by my “sickbed” to keep me company, zoomed to his litter box when he needed to, and came back to quickly get under the bed and spend the night under it to make me feel better. This same bunny, having complete run of the house (littler-box trained) spent the day dozing on a blue bean bag in the sun, came to our New Year’s Eve party and begged for popcorn, and glared at someone sitting in “his” chair until that person got out and he could lie on it, etc. He used to watch television sitting on my husband’s shoulder in the evening. Every morning we said “goodbye bun” as we went off to work and school and he slept under the piano bench. Only someone who truly loved bunnies (there are many of us!!!) could understand why we love bunnies so much. Once our cable was losing power and my sister found out that said bunny had quietly over the years chewed the cable cord. He also worked on rugs, chair skirts and left little “calling cards” behind the china cabinet, but we forgave all these things because he was so cute! Keep up your website, and I just love your RABBITTUDE T-shirts- have 4 in different colors. RABBITS RULE!!!!!!!! Barb Peterson, bunny-lover

  2. It is so nice to hear that you love the bunny rabbit stories and have enjoyed the Rabbittude T shirts too.

    We just love to hear bunny rabbit stories and experiences of others. Your stories about your Himmie are just great. It is so wonderful to see and get to know all the different personalities that rabbits have. They are all so different and so fun!

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