Hit the Wall …

CrackLast Saturday, working through stasis with Tigger, I wrote about how our energy levels were hitting the wall.  Well, I literally did hit the wall later in the weekend by walking into it late in the evening.  This is now the second time in my life that I have broken a toe doing that.

I found out the first time I did it that there is a name for it, Night Walker’s Fracture.  It happens a lot when people are really tired and not paying attention or get up at night and don’t bother with glasses or lights.  There you are banging your toes against the wall / furniture or catching them like I did on a corner and you stub one or more hard enough to cause a break. 

Thank heavens for warm Georgia weather, flip-flops and ice!  Thankfully Tigger and I are both on the road to recovery now.

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